Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sunrises & Stouffers

Big Buck’s RV Resort in Tennessee is another Passport Park where we stayed for a couple of days as we headed south this year.

This is a very rare sunrise shot taken while we were there.


Not that the sunrise is that rare, it happens every day.

Thank You God. 

What is rare is the fact that I was up at sunrise to actually take that photo.


The resort is a very remote 212 acre property about an hour and a half east of Memphis. With over 100 RV pads, each pad is very spacious and has its own grill. 


There is a beautiful large, furnished deck with a lake overview. Big Buck has beautiful scenery and is surrounded by many tourist attractions.

The above photos were taken through the windshield of the motorhome. While the quality of the photo may not be impressive . . . you have to admit that’s not a bad view of our front yard.

And now back in the kitchen . . .

While I try to avoid using processed foods I do try to keep a few items on hand for a quick meal. Something that we can enjoy after spending the day doing touristy things.


This was one of many varieties that we found in the freezer section and one that I would recommend for a couple of reasons. It’s quick and it was less than $4.00.

We like shrimp so I added these:


And a little more sauce:


This is what we ended up with. Yum!


The vegetables are flash frozen and it was all very fresh and tasty.

Another quick and easy idea for an appetizer or as a side . . .


Romaine lettuce boats. I had some seafood salad on hand but you can use whatever you have and your imagination. Just for perspective, that plate is a salad plate and not a dinner plate.

Today, I’m grateful for sunrises and the ever changing views out my front window.

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  1. We don't see sunrises very often either, so it's nice to see pictures of them. Gorgeous looking shrimp.