Monday, November 28, 2011

E-Cigs & more Cowboyisms - as told by The Cowboy

So I have only been a smoker for the past 50 odd years. I have quit many times. Mealtime, bedtime, plane rides, Grandkid times, you get it. I did quit once for about 4 months, I remember because it was the longest 4 months of my life. Those that don’t smoke won’t understand but those that do smoke will.
Anyone who may have tried to stop knows it isn't easy. They will give you the drugs, the patch, the gum and the list goes on. But you STILL want to have that cigarette.

About a month ago our friend Vicki came bubbling and bouncing into our rig with big news. She was so excited she couldn’t contain herself. She babbled on for an hour about something called an “E-Cigarette”. You would have thought she had just left a Southern Baptist revival meeting.
Now I had noticed at some flea markets these people puffing on a plastic cigarette and blowing out what looked like smoke and my only thought was “What a Loser” if you think that makes you look COOL you have a problem. You may as well be sucking on a toothpick or a drinking straw.
We ended up going out for brunch (I stopped smoking for that 2 hours too) and after we decided to look into this E-cigarette thing.
How exciting.

Some of you may not know me but those that do would probably tell you I am about as easy to convince as a mule with a defective hearing aid when it comes to something new. I took one puff on this E-cig and I was converted. I didn’t realize that this wasn’t just a plastic looking pencil. It is a nicotine delivery system without all that Tar, Hydrogen Cyanide and goop you get with cigarettes. It actually tastes great, helps me with my craving for nicotine and gives me the same satisfaction of having a real cigarette. I instantly went from 25 to 30 cigs a day down to 6 to 8. (Update: It’s been about 2-1/2 weeks since I’ve had a cigarette.)
Check out this YouTube link below to see what The Doctors on the TV show “The Drs” have to say.
Electronic Cigarette-ecigarette- Featured on The Doctors TV Show
I feel so much better, I can sleep at night and I can breathe better. Now I’m not going to run any marathons but I can once again carry the groceries in without panting like a beagle in heat.
For those of you in the London, Ontario area you can get these things at the Gibraltar Flea Market for the others I have a few web links that I have found.
510 Manual Battery Carto Kit
E Cig Express
I will tell you that with Christmas coming on one of the BEST gifts you could possibly give to any smokers you may have in the family is an E-cigarette kit. Just be sure and get one with a refillable “tank” and some E-liquid with nicotine. Total package is well under $ 100.00. Less than a flower arrangement sent to the funeral home.
Signing out but always remember; “Never kick a cow patty on a hot day!”


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