Friday, March 6, 2015

Art Walk along The Malecon

Just another glorious day in PV!

Today we took advantage of one of the many free activities offered in this beautiful city. At 9:30 AM on Tuesdays a free guided art walk is scheduled along the mile long Malecon. While there are many sculptures in and around the city, the photos here represent only a few along the Malecon.

Our guide Gary Thompson was very knowledgeable and laid back, well, after all it is Mexico.

One of the things we’ve learned since being here is about ‘Mexican Time’. – Manana does not necessarily mean tomorrow – it simply means ‘later’.

Starting from the north the first sculpture – an upward spiral representing the passage of time starting with the origin of life and ending in the hope for the future: peace.

We had the privilege to meet the artist, Mathis Lidice. He shared with us his inspiration and The Cowboy found it very interesting as he explained the construction of this magnificent piece.


Nostalgia (1984)

“Next along our walk is "Nostalgia" by Mexican artist, Ramiz Barquet, who created this sculpture to symbolize his love for his wife, Nelly Barquet, it shows a loving couple sitting side by side on a white granite bench, looking dreamily towards the sea, mountains, town and life with immense joy and love that lasted through time and finally became a reality. This sculpture is also one of the first that was placed on the Malecon.”


 The Subtle Rock Eater (2006)






















Several sand sculptures displayed along the beach. Yes! Sand! The artists of these beautiful pieces of work are usually close by protecting their work and, of course, looking for propinas (tips). They spend a lot of time maintaining these fragile pieces by spraying them with water to keep them damp and nicely shaped. Sometimes they will place small sharp objects on the tops of these sculptures to deter the birds from perching.


The Good Fortune Unicorn (2011)

One of the newest additions – 3 meter high unicorn in a very stylized and wavy form, maybe to better fuse with the surrounding area.

Kevin Simpson of Peyote People also joined us this morning and he spoke of the significance of the Huichol Indian depictions that are strategically placed the whole distance of the boardwalk. You will see birds, flowers, animals, fish and many different symbols. This stone work is so intricately woven into the walkway and again the photos do not do justice to the beauty.

Roundabout of the Sea

This one consists of eight monumental high-backed bronze chairs offering exaggerated human anatomy, surrealism, fantasy and nautical imagery.

The next one is very popular for souvenir photos. We often see tourists, especially younger ones, posing on the ladder and imitating the children reaching into the universe.

Searching for Reason

Very distinctive statue with pillow headed figures and a ladder which they are climbing, searching for an answer while striving farther and above the normal limits of humanity - at least that’s how it seems.


The Boy on the Seahorse (1976)

This important statue has become a symbol of Puerto Vallarta that was placed initially on a group of rocks at the end of the Malecon. However, it was thrown over by the waves and strong winds, so in 1976 the artist was commissioned to create a new version which was then installed near the old Lighthouse on the Malecon – another very impressive landmark.

Angel of Hope and Messenger of Peace (Angel de la Esperanza y Mensajero de la Paz) by Hector Manuel Montes GarcĂ­a

Angel of Hope and Messenger of Peace (2008)


The Friendship Fountain (Dancing Dolphins Fountain, 1987) 

Again, all of these amazing sculptures represent only a few pieces of art that can be appreciated all around this wonderful city. It’s difficult to convey in a blog with a few pictures but like any piece of art, it means so much more when you learn the history behind it and what inspired the artist. Whether it be a sculpture, a play, or a song – you know the artist is successful when you feel all of those emotions stirring inside of you.

The following is the last photo for this post. Last, but certainly not the least! I think this was one of the first photos that I took when we arrived down here and discovered the Malecon. It makes my heart sing!

malecon dancers

The “Puerto Vallarta Dancerssculpture, created by Jim Demetro, was opened during the winter of 2006 on the new extension of Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon.

The tour continued just as this post will continue . . . after all a person can only handle so much culture in one day.

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