Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stretching in Sayulita

Who ever said---you past has a way of catching up to you must have known what they were talking about; fifty two years later and twenty six hundred miles from home what do I run into----MY PAST.

I played football for the Tillsonburg high school, The Glendale Griffins. On the same team was a little guy by the name of Ron Hopper. Well he was little back then—times have changed---and sometimes change is not good. A few months ago while I sat back quietly on Facebook, this Ron Hopper friended me. Whatever that means. A discovery was made that we would both be in Mexico this winter. Well what to do---tilt at fate or make plans. Last week Sharon and I rode the bus about 30 miles up to Sayulita, Mexico and down the street walks this furry face, Grinnin’ ear to ear, with his lovely wife in tow. Boy I sure gained a whole new respect for her. Puttin’ up with “Hoppy” for over 42 years. Patience of Job comes to mind (that will be another story). We had not seen each other for 52 years but we sat for hours---Swapping Lies---Hoppy was always---a stretcher.

They took us on a tour of this sweet little hidden Mexico fishing village that has gained popularity as a surfing town. Beautiful beaches, right on the ocean.

We found a nice beach front restaurant and had a nice leisurely and delicious lunch and, of course, swapped lies.



Then we went way up the mountainous hill to the Villa they’ve rented for the month. BEAUTIFUL---the view---thatched roof---Private pool with huge patio that we sat on and swapped lies.


All in all what a GREAT day, ending with meeting another friend at the local pub---imagine! Promises both ways about a summer plan for Ontario. Then where did the day go, on the bus and home again.

You may wonder what two quiet guy’s that hadn’t seen each other for over 50 years would possibly have to talk about. Well I didn’t have much to say but Hoppy has quite the gift to gab and there were a few—Stretchers told.


For those of you that have low regard for Facebook, I would have never made this connection without it and wouldn’t that be just too bad. I would have missed the opportunity to listen to all those STRECHERS I remember from my youth.

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