Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Puerto Vallarta City Cemetery

My Lovely wife Sharon doesn’t often make a mistake, but when she does it is usually a doozy. A few days ago she made a huge error in judgment and asked if perhaps I could write some material for our blog.

Well here goes: Since we have been down to Mexico for our first time we pass the City Cemetery as we ride the bus and have often talked about a visit. We went the other day for a few hours and I noted some major differences in Canadian and Mexican culture.


The Mexican people are VERY family oriented and death is considered just part of life’s journey. The Dead have just pasted to a different phase of life. The event is to be celebrated as well as the HONOR of knowing or being connected to the person. Their loved ones live on in spirit and are very much a part of the family, even if they are no longer in this realm.

Their cemeteries are very different than ours. Very close together, very elaborate and mostly built by hand from the family members.

In this cemetery there is NO equipment used. You can’t get it in. There is no room. This means that EVERYTHING must be done by hand. From the digging and brick lining of the hole, the removal of all the dirt, the carrying in of the casket to the building of the monument.

Most of the onuments are massive. Some are actually like small cottages, complete with small patio doors and windows.

If you spend any time focusing on the pictures you can get an impression of what may be involved. Look at what was done---BY HAND---in 100 degree weather---With hand tools. The Mexican people have whole heartedly earned my deepest respect.

They have great reverence for their ancestry. It is not uncommon to have the whole family show up on any given day to have a picnic with the friend or relative. They bring drink, food and music and have a Fiesta with their loved one close at hand.

Of course we have all heard about the “Day of the Dead” November 2. The largest of all Mexican Fiestas. It can last a week at a time with many preparing the site, staying all night while celebrating the calling of a loved one to the next phase of life.

I am ending here before my lovely bride accuses me of being---Long-winded----again. Not sure why she chose this as my first post to our blog----You don’t suppose she is hinting at something-----DO YOU?????

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