Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love & Queso Fundido XOXOXO

It’s a whole year later since these shots were taken but I still LOVE and MISS these wonderful friends  . . .  They are keeping (somewhat) warm this winter in Florida.

Plus these are just fun shots that need to be shared . . .

1-2014 Valentine's Day - Dinner & Dance with Friends

This is what Valentine’s Day looked like for us this year – Lots of tourists and locals out today enjoying the sunshine.


We chose a little more casual beach front dining spot with a spectacular view. As like most tourist areas you will always find the vendors peddling their goods.

As it turns out the food was pretty amazing! The Cowboy pretty much sticks to his chicken fajitas wherever we go and today was no exception. He enjoys the refried beans, rice and guacamole served as sides.

My choices are a little more adventurous but lately I’ve been ordering appetizers instead of large meals. Well today I was introduced to this wonderful dish – Queso Fundido or Cheese Fondue.

All I can say is OH! MY! GOSH!!!

My first thought was that this wonderfully decadent dish must be illegal. This one was served with perfectly cooked shrimp over a delicious deep dish of melted cheese. Sinful!


We have since tried this at home and it was just as awesome.

Plus this photo is another restaurant’s version which was great too – served with chorizo – garlic sausage, caramelized red onions, mushrooms and topped with feta and cilantro. YUM!

This can be served with just simple tortilla wraps or on a nice toasted or crunchy garlic bread. Or just straight out of the bowl but be warned – you’ll look guilty trying to get all that stringy cheese into your mouth while you keep looking over your shoulder.

So while we are on the topic of food  . . .  this is a shot of a dish (full size dinner plate) that I fixed for my ever-bacon-lovin’ Cowboy:


It’s just a spin-off of one of our all time favorites – Jalapeno Poppers.

Cream cheese and diced jalapeno’s cooled and shaped – I added a bit of ranch dressing and minced garlic for an added kick.  A dozen bacon roses and bacon petals topped this off perfectly. It was definitely a big hit with my Sweetheart!


Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. We sure did.

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