Sunday, March 8, 2015

Malecon Art Walk Tour–Part 2

We left off with this magnificent work of art  . . .


“To create the “Puerto Vallarta Dancers”, the artist Jim Demetro found his inspiration in the youthful energy, in the subtle movements and the colorful regional costumes that the Xiutla Municipal Folkloric Ballet wears during its shows.”

We continued our walk up through the city square venturing on into the town’s center.


While Gary carried on with his storytelling.


We eventually ended up at Gary’s art studio where we were treated to a glass of wine or a nice cold beer.

Then for a very special treat of the day we got to meet the famous artist and very gentle man Jim Demetro.

He explained to us the process of creating the famous dancers by using wax


Then by making this bronze miniature


which is priced at $1,700 USD. No, sorry, we won’t be bringing too many of these souvenirs home.


This cast bronze miniature donkey is priced at $2,800 USD. The life size statue is another extremely popular photo op for tourists - in the market square at the end of the Malecon.


The City has commissioned Mr. Demetro to create yet another life size replica of this miniature of two lovers to be displayed at Casa Kimberly in the Old Town district of Vallarta. Casa Kimberly is the house that Richard Burton built for – and don’t quote me on this, but I think – his ex-wife Susan Hutton.



Real thing:


Well, we sure got our money’s worth out of that tour – oh did I mention that it was FREE? We thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, we got to meet and chat with a lot of people and felt totally exhausted! There’s always a lot of walking in most of the activities that we participate in. I know . . . that doesn’t sound so bad but most of the streets down here are all cobblestone so it takes its toll. However, we headed to our favourite Burrito Guy, found a place at the beach, relaxed and enjoyed our late lunch in the glorious sunshine listening to the sound of the water lapping on the shore.

We also discovered another walking event that we enjoyed the following evening. This one was self guided, armed with a map of about a dozen art studios, we managed to find most of them. They open their doors and welcome you with refreshments as you browse their stores. Nice to enjoy a glass of wine in the relaxed atmosphere while learning more history of their crafts. Quite a variety of arts – jewelry, pottery, paintings and beading, to name a few. For obvious reasons no photos were allowed.

To view our album you can Click here.

We Love to share so Thanks for joining us. We hope you enjoyed too.

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