Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our Palapa in Yelapa


One of our most memorable times this winter will be our overnight get-a-way to Yelapa, a quaint little fishing village that is best described by that old adage – the place that time forgot. The area does not have an airport or even paved roads to get there even though it’s only about 25 miles from PV. There is a very long and winding jungle path to get there in a 4 X 4 or an ATV so our choices were limited. We chose a panga from the pier in PV for a 45 minute ride. Very fast ride. In a speed boat.

With the usual sunshine and amazing blue skies Banderas Bay was perfectly calm as we started out slowly and quickly picked up speed. We slowed near the well known Los Arcos (the Arches) and our guide passed on some interesting facts and history. We had only caught glimpses of these by driving by so we had no idea there were actually tunnels through the rocks.

We soon picked up the pace again as we headed for our destination, this tranquil little village where life not only comes to a screaming halt but also takes us back quite a few years.

We chose the water taxi ride not expecting any more than that but we were in for a surprise. Our guide toured us through this little village pointing out little tiendas  - small family owned - businesses, stores or eating areas.

“Her only retail outlet is that box on her head. Her storefront is the beach. Her backdrop is the Pacific Ocean. Her overhead is the sky. Her cash register is a fanny pack.”

Click here to learn more about Yelapa’s famous pie and Chelly, The Pie Lady.

We continued on our trek, all uphill, where our guide explained a lot of the vegetation and spent a lot of time with us pointing out the many varieties of fruit trees – all organically grown of course.


Enchiladas, Fajitas, Tortilla Soup, Guacamole, Pescado, Eggs Benedict, Fresh Coconut Juice . . . all delicious!

Enjoyed all this and so much more along with these incredible views . . .

Of course there were the street vendors . . . always trying to make some pesos selling their trinkets. I don’t know how they live with so much rejection. One guy was certainly used to it – as he walked away from us he started singing a little ditty “ No, Gracias, No, Gracias’ Funny but yes, we did buy a few souvenirs from some of the good natured ones. Have to admit we encountered an interesting offer from a jovial sort – he had horses to hire which you could ride to the waterfall. When we didn’t show any enthusiasm he jokingly offered to throw in a free joint. We’ve never been offered weed as an incentive before. Only in Mexico? Probably not.

However, we both came away from this whole adventure with a lot more appreciation for Jimmy Buffet.

This little venture was such a wonderful experience for us and one that will definitely remain in our sweet memory banks for a very long time. Already added it to our ‘do over’ list for next year.

You can learn more about Yalapa  by clicking here.

These are only a few of our pictures - By clicking on each of the photos you can view a larger image or if you wish to

                         Click here to view our Yelapa album


We continue to count our blessings and give Thanks to God for the beauty of this amazing world and the wonderful life we share.

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