Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Our Date Nights

We first discovered these dancers back in December after an awesome day out exploring with our friends Cliff & Helen. 01-DSCN2719

We only caught the last part of the show but it was enough to impress us so we went back the following Friday evening to take a better look.


Well, since then Friday night has become our date night and we have only missed maybe 2 shows in 3 months.


The Xiutla Ballet group was the inspiration for Jim Demetro’s bronze statue that I posted about previously.  

This Mexican cultural folkloric dance troupe is made up of about 200 local children and youth. They have won many awards competing not only nationally but internationally as well.


The group was founded about 30 years ago in order to offer the youth from the local community the opportunity to learn more about the traditions and customs of this beautiful country.


The program changes each week as they represent several states in Mexico. The variety of costumes and dance is so unique but all just so beautiful. This is also another free activity although they do pass the hat near the end of the performance to help with the cost of the costumes.


The costumes themselves are simply breathtaking. There must be bolts and bolts of fabric used and they must employ quite a few expert seamstresses to create this magnificent colorful display.


I apologize for the quality of the photos but I’m sure you can appreciate with all the activity on the stage that it’s difficult to capture the perfect shot.


Note to self: Bring your Nikon next year!


Their performance is mesmerizing! It’s hard to imagine from a few pictures but the amount of energy on that stage at any given moment is incredible! If you think about that for a minute – it’s pretty warm down here at the best of times but they all seem to keep their cool. Very professional.



These 2 guys – above and below – are our favorites. They are a couple of the older and more experienced dancers and they just do a fantastic job. They obviously love what they do. They do a lot of hooting and hollering up there and they just have a great time with everyone on stage and in the audience.


While we don’t know any of them personally nor do we even know their names, we still feel an emotional bond with them after watching them perform so many times.


There are so many more elements to this performance that I will follow up in another post but in the meantime . . . .


How was that for a Date Night?

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