Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friends, Fish & Feathers

We’re getting a much needed rain here today so it’s a good day for catching up on our blog reading and writing.

Just as a follow up to Shy’s post  . . . she didn’t really give herself enough credit and please keep in mind that this is her Mother speaking so I apologize in advance.

The kids started showing up for face painting at 3 pm and lining up right up till 6:15 pm. She worked non-stop all that time, using all of her own product. She had a wonderful time and best of all the kids loved it and the parents were pretty happy too that it was all free.

Not only did Shy invest her time but the kids (and their parents) really must have spent a lot of time and effort getting dressed up. the costumes were great – not just something thrown together. It was a great day!

While The Cowboy is pretty laid back and doesn’t get overly excited about much he does become a little antsy this time of year. The last Saturday in June marks the opening of Bass Season down here in Long Point and the rods, reels and tackle boxes are all loaded up and ready to go the night before in preparation for the 7 AM take off!

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The weather was perfect, altho’ a bit choppy on the bay, the boys had a great time and yes, we had to hear all about the one many that got away.

Bass Fishing 1

It takes them almost as long to clean them as it does to catch them but they seem to forget that when this is put in front of them:


Served with these wonderful new small gourmet potatoes supplied by our friends Wayne & Sandy here in the park.



They grow about 60 acres of these on their farm and they are simply melt-in-your-mouth delicious!



Along with Bass season comes Strawberry season and Sandy had asked us to join them later that evening for dessert with another awesome friend, Nancy. We are back and forth all the time whether it be for coffee, drinks or campfires and of course, there’s usually food involved.

We trooped all the way over there (across the road) with our contribution – Bailey’s Irish Cream. What we didn’t know was that they wanted to acknowledge and celebrate our wedding. They gifted us with a beautiful (tear-jerking) card and this beautiful Mad Mat:


Made up of all recycled materials, it’s a perfect outdoor rug - plus it’s reversible:


The colours are so bright and perfect for our gazebo!



Thank You Wayne, Sandy and Nancy.


Your friendship means the world to us!


So while The Cowboy has been out fishing (3 times this week) and our freezer is being stocked I took on a few more projects around here.

Last year I started collecting a few – no several  well, alright many bird and butterfly houses. I won’t admit to the number of them that I have but there were a few that needed some sprucing up.


The round one – top right – transformed into this:


The following shows the ‘before’ on the left:

P1190371 P1190377
P1190374 P1190376
P1190380 DSC_0053


Yup! Life is For the Birds!



  1. And there I am (cardinal)enjoying all your hard work,,thank you!

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying this great weather and the fish fry looks awesome!

  3. Thank you Mom for writing more about me in your Blog! after all I AM my favorite topic :) and to give some more credit BACK TO YOU - Dad may have caught all them fish but that wouldn't mean anything without your talent of frying it! I was blessed to have been part of the Bass Season feast and am grateful that you taught me how to properly cook fresh fish. So if your little freezer gets full, there is lots of room in mine!