Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trick or Treat

Our daughter Shy is our guest poster tonight – no tricks and I’m sure you’ll find it a real treat . . .

Halloween in the summer is just a great excuse for my family to get in touch with their inner child, create creepy crawlers, boo-tiful ghosts, and yes, get dressed up and act silly! Here is my family – as I am told we know how to put the “FUN” in dis-FUN-ctional!


Now, to share with you some of the memorable moments leading up to this grand TA-DA! There was learning to be a spider….I’m sure they did it a LOT quicker than I did, but with COWBOY Dad’s wisdom and handiwork, and my repeated circles and knots – we “GOT ER DONE!”


Then we lured some of the neighbours kids over and painted scary stuff all over their faces!



   That should get them some treats!




Then I toned it down a bit for the “cute little buggers” and many were transformed into beautiful butterflies:



Another benefit of being previously employed at a Party Supply Store was bringing home loads of Balloons that were on their way to the dumpster

(Dad taught me how to dumpster dive at a very young age - probably before I was old enough to be able to get myself out – but I’m ok, therapy is helping me A LOT!)

P1190331 A perfect TREAT for the little vultures – after all WE don’t want them all wired up on sugar running around our campground!




P1190328 My Ma & Pa – so did I mention how HAPPY I am that they are married AGAIN?!

The other trailer park peeps got involved and had fun with Halloween too…


P1190301….especially my husband…he’s such a good sport! Here he is, and yes he has been working out lately! Love you baby!


So much fun…so little time. Grateful for all the great memories with my family - as crazy as they, or should I say WE all are!

               --- Shy (A.K.A: Punky)


  1. Great day. Halloween in June is a good idea. Christmas in July?

  2. You guys really do know how to have a great time.

  3. You did it!!! What a fun way for me to find out that you tied the knot again. When did that happen. So happy for you. Looks like a great time was had by all. Do you have any "wedding" pictures you can either send me in an email or to my FB page? Would love to see them. Happy, Happy, Happy for you and your family.

    1. Yep, she FINALLY said yes and made an "Honest Man" out of me. Or at least as close as it comes. :)
      Betty, those ARE our wedding pictures. The guy with the SHOT-GUN had just left. That's what happens when you get a girl in the "Family Way". :) :) :)A little brother for Shy. Think we'll call him "TOMMY"

      Ron (the good lookin one on the left)

  4. More great family memories, looks like y'all are havin a great time!

  5. Great post! Love it when those inner children come out to play.