Monday, June 17, 2013

Nourishing Our Souls



So while we weren’t sitting around waiting for our flowers to bloom we were keeping ourselves busy with other stuff.

Since Halloween comes in October, after the park closes for the season, we celebrate it here in June. For the kids of course. In preparation of this event The Cowboy and our daughter Shy created some amazing decorations. They did an amazing job on this huge spider web. A couple of ghosts, skulls and skeletons were added and people have been stopping by to view and take pictures.


Zooming in on the dragonfly on the tree, top right, is another idea from my Pinterest collection. A wooden spindle and old ceiling fan blades all upcycled to create more yard art.


A friend from here in the park lined us up with about 17 round patio stones that were headed for the landfill.


The before and after – The Cowboy ground them down and scored a design to brighten them up and add some interest. I will never deny that man from buying any tool his big heart desires.


We love our trees but there are a few places on our site where the sunlight is limited. There are a few bare spots and grass is sparse so the stones fit right in.


More work on the Man Cave.

Our new park owner, Scott, helped freshen up our driveway with a few loads of gravel.


It was a busy week around here but one of my highlights was getting together with a couple of girlfriends. I worked with these ladies at Alliance One last fall and it was such fun getting together . . .  and spending 3 hours over coffee. We could have spent 3 days I’m sure. We had a great time catching up. Laughing, crying and sharing. One heart touching moment was when a lady in the booth behind us told us how envious she was of us, how she missed her girlfriends – but was looking forward to getting together with them in the next couple of weeks.


You just can’t buy this type of therapy. 

So why don’t you give a friend a call and make some plans?

It’s good for your soul. Trust Me.


  1. So nice to get together with friends, But not so much girls friends anymore.
    The Man Cave in coming along nicely.

    1. Now that's funny George. The Cowboy said something along the same line . . . he asked why I get upset if he talks about getting together with his old girlfriends. LOL

  2. I love the pics! and the memories! God sure knew what he was doing when he picked me 2 awesome parents! I inherited my creativity, good looks, endless wisdom, perseverance, and long legs from u both! Keep blogging Mom! the world gets to enjoy seeing glimpses of how amazing your life is!

    1. You are one of the main reasons our life is so amazing. We Love You Shygirl!

  3. Well, I'm envious of the long legs you guys passed on to Shygirl. Love getting together with old friends and catching up on lives that have gone different directions. I think my hubby already HAS every tool there is. But he begs to differ with me.

    1. I know what you mean Sandie about having ALL the tools but when I ask The Cowboy to perform a little job, he informs me that he needs a special tool for that and OH! he doesn't have it. LOL

  4. Great dragonfly. I'm all for any excuse to celebrate! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your girlfriends.

    1. Thanks Donna. Agreed - any excuse will do. It was a great visit and made me even more determined to get together more with people who make us feel good. Good friends!