Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Old Wives and Peonies

Just sitting around waiting for the flowers to bloom . . .

OLD WIVES TALE: Peonies need ants to bloom or be pollinated by them.

FACT: The eye buds are set in the late summer into fall for the upcoming year.

Having said that, and this information was found on the internet so it must be true:

Ants like the sweet peony secretions and as they walk about and eat away at the waxy coating it loosens the the very tight cabbage-like blossom holders. I don't think it's required by the peony for ants to be present, but I do notice that my peonies with the most ants bloom all at once and the blooms are fully opened, gorgeous and fragrant, whereas the peonies in a different area that gets regular bug treatments and thus no ants, bloom a lot more sporadically.




This little guy thinks he found a new friend . . . that’s our rear view mirror on the motorhome. There’s quite a bit of glare in the photo but not a bad shot through the windshield.

So what do you think his thoughts are here?


The following shots are just random photos taken around our site.




Here’s a couple of shots taken around the park. The white fluff on the water is not snow. We have a few poplar trees around.


Some of you may not recognize the subject in this very rare shot.




  1. Beautiful pictures and interesting post on the peonies. Sure is good to see you posting on here again.

    1. Thanks Betty. I don't always find time to comment on your posts but I do still find time to read them. Happy Belated Anniversary. Your photos reveal how happy you are.

  2. Very interesting info on peonies, I will treasure the trivia.
    Like bBetty said , nice to see you posting again.

  3. Thank You George. I'm not promising anything but hope to post at least a couple of times a week. We read your daily posts and glad to see you are enjoying Galvin Bay. Hugs to both of you.