Friday, June 24, 2011

Somethin’ fishy goin’ on here

Every year the last Saturday in June marks the opening day of Bass Season in Ontario and Long Point Bay is one of the best fishing locations in this area.

“Long Point is a spit of land located on the north shore of Lake Erie, located in Norfolk County. It is approximately 40-km long and 3 km in width. It is a unique blend of long uninterrupted beaches, undisturbed sand dunes, grassy ridges, wet meadows, woodlands, marshes and ponds, all on an inner bay. Miles of beautiful beach on one side and the cool blue waters of Long Point Bay on the other make this an excellent destination for swimming, fishing, waterskiing, windsurfing and much more.”


We were up at the crack of dawn 8 AM and headed out to catch the big ones. Since the area attracts so many fishing enthusiasts, particularly this weekend, parking is at a premium so we car pooled. We just trailer the boat and have a seasonal pass at Old Cut Marina where we drop the boat in. They advised us the week before not to even try to get near their docks on opening day because of the anticipated traffic. The Cowboy had the foresight to make arrangements with our friends the Wiltshires. George & Mary have a cottage on the point with a channel and they generously offered us a spot to dock the boat at their place ahead of time and a vehicle parking spot for the day as well.


The day was overcast but that didn’t dampen our excitement at all.


Cowboy’s Uncle Roger, an avid fisherman, joined us for the day.


Lorraine (Cowboy’s sister) & Bob were camping at Trillium Court with us for a few days – all arranged around this big day! This photo is a bit blurry but as you can see, the bay was a little rough. I really enjoy being out on the water and as far as fishing goes – I can take it or leave it. My hands are usually busy with a book and a coffee or drink. At this point I didn’t even have my pole in the water – until the fish started biting, that is. I’m kinda fickle that way. Smile


It took a while but once they started biting . . .


they were practically jumping in the boat.


There was just no time to bother with the net.


Just get them in the boat the best way you can. What a great time!


I’ve never heard Lorraine laugh soooo hard for soooo long!


They weren’t all keepers . . .


But you can tell by the intricate gauging devices and extremely accurate measuring that we made a pretty good haul. At the end of the day I think the total count was 17 bass (the limit is 6 per person) and quite a few nice perch.


Back at the camp it was time for filleting.


and learning how to fillet.


and gaining the confidence to join the assembly line.


Why even Neighbour Nancy just had to get in on the act and show off her filleting skills.


That’s a nice set you have there Nancy . . . pretty proud eh? And yes your Dad would be proud of you too. Great job!


I was able to weasel my out of the cleaning and filleting. I usually just make myself look real busy with the camera. Plus I had promised to do the cooking and boy was it good! Sorry no photos of the meal, I was too busy eating. All of us thoroughly enjoyed. There’s just nothing better than fresh caught bass especially after such an enjoyable day with family & friends.

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