Thursday, October 6, 2011

What a beautiful Fall day!

Again “Welcome to our blog!”

While there are a few random posts to read, this is our first actual live post. There is still quite a bit of tweaking to do but hopefully over the next little while everything will fall into place.

In any upcoming posts here you can expect a whole mish mash of items including web sites that we enjoy or my new interest in photography. You’ll hear all about our friends & families along with our travels. If the mood strikes I might even share with you, not only what we had for lunch, but the recipe too!

In the meantime please take some time to read some of the other blogs that I follow – listed at the bottom of the page. They have been a real inspiration to me and the real reason for starting this blog.

Would love to hear from you so please join our followers, leave a comment or two and come back for another visit soon.


  1. Looking forward to following along.

  2. Thanks for following us getting ready to fulltime. We look foward to following you on your travels and maybe learn something.