Sunday, October 9, 2011

2 down 1 to Go

More Thanksgiving In Canada! That means more turkey!

Today there were 12 hungry mouths anxiously waiting to share another delicious meal at the home of The Cowboy’s brother.

Gary, nicknamed ‘Buck’ at a very early age, is the youngest of 5 of The Cowboy’s siblings. He does and awesome job managing ‘Upper Deck’ in Tillsonburg – a safe and welcoming haven for young adults;The Deck offers after school and weekend activities including hiking and camping outings.

Both Buck & Kelly are involved with their church. Buck is responsible for the majority of the Youth Group’s participation while Kelly teaches English as a second language to the local German Mennonite ladies. Their church was originally established with the help of The Cowboy’s and Buck’s Grandfather, Reverend Alonzo Vannatter back in the 60’s.



Having 6 children, now young adults between them, feeding large family groups is second nature to Buck & Kelly.





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Kelly’s son, Josh on the left and Buck’s two gorgeous daughters Erin & Jill


Erin passed the bar last year and is working at a very prestigious law firm in London, Ontario. Jill is co-editor for a well known magazine ‘Canadian Living’ in Kitchener.



Jonathan (Kelly’s son) is seated next to The Cowboy’s Dad, Lyle.

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Kelly’s adorable daughters – Bethany has a wonderful singing voice while Leah is musically inclined as well. She loves to play the piano and she also plays the guitar very well after only 3 lessons.



Kelly’s parents, Jack & June Manary have been friends of the family for many years. June’s contribution to the annual dinners are her delicious home made dinner rolls. Both being avid readers of western novels they quite regularly trade books with The Cowboy.


This is an arrangement that I created that served well as a hostess gift for the family.

Lots of great food, laughter and love all played a huge part creating more wonderful memories for everyone. Tags: ,,

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