Monday, October 10, 2011

We’re 3 for 3!

Before I go any further, I just really feel the need to explain that 3 free meals delicious Thanksgiving feasts spread over 3 days does not just happen! It takes a lot of manipulation precise planning on our part to crash be invited to these family dysfunctions.

So today we are off to London to enjoy dinner with more (we are so lucky) family at Shy (our youngest) & Dave’s.

These are a few shots we took on the way:



Through Mennonite  Country






Picking the corn crop with a horse and wagon. In the spring we often see them working their ground with a horse pulling a hand operated plow. It’s also not unusual to see the younger members of the family running the plow.

P1150985 P1150984

This is one of the Cowboy’s favourite roadside stands that we usually stop to shop for some of these homemade goodies to satisfy his sweet tooth.

P1150986 P1150988
P1150989 P1150990

Today’s turkey with a little variation – deep fried. (It was yummy!)


This isn’t the Cowboy’s first rodeo –


he’s the first one out of the gate!



Then there’s the slackers snackers sneaking a bite out in the kitchen.




Some of these photos were pulled from last year’s files – it’s not easy getting everyone together . . .


My sister Brenda & her family weren’t able to make it but we have another Brenda that has become a welcome regular at our Thanksgiving dinners.


Abby & Hannah trying to decide which gems or beads they need to adorn themselves from some of Anti Shy’s choices for their own unique jewelry pieces. Shy has always been crafty, and I mean that in the artsy kind of way. Her latest passion is making beautiful hemp jewelry.You can check out some of her creations on her website by clicking here.





And the beautiful Mom of those two gorgeous granddaughters – Cindy.






Jesse, the cocker spaniel who owns Shy & Dave.

(A friend of Shy’s was heard saying that if she was ever reincarnated she wants to come back as Shy’s pet.)


Another wonderful day – Great weather, Delicious food! Shy has become such a wonderful cook that I was only in the kitchen long enough to sample. She had everything prepared and organized.

Thank You Dave & Shy & Jesse too. Lots more wonderful memories!

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