Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lambert’s Throwed Rolls

This is a post from our journal exactly one year ago today. (Some of the photos are from a previous visit.)

Out & about today – our first stop was a huge Bass Pro Shop (Surprise?)


Shopper Extraordinaire! This place is humongous!

Fortunately, there was a JC Penney’s nearby.

Our main destination for the day was Lamberts Café in Foley, Alabama just north of the Gulf Shores.


040 042

The ambience and food is very similar to Cracker Barrel.

This was our second visit here and what a great place – Huge portions of really good country food! We stretched this out to about 3 meals. Prices were very reasonable averaging $10-$12 for each entrée.










Established 4 generations back in 1942 there was and still continues to be very long line ups to get into this place. The owner would pacify the waiting patrons by handing out a dinner roll. In an unsuccessful attempt to reach the back of the line-up someone hollered ‘Just throw the darned thing’ and so he did. The tradition still carries on today in the dining area – one of the many servers wanders about tossing rolls to anyone who raises their hand.


Cowboy trying to decide on one of his sides: I think I’ll try the beets.

Server: BEETS! Why would you want BEETS? Why, they just taste like wet dirt! We serve a lot of really good food here that actually taste purdy darn good.

Several other waiters and waitresses come around to the table offering fried okra, tomatoes & macaroni, home fries, black-eyed peas and many other delicious side choices.

Watch out for the staff - You just can’t trust any of them! Not only are they prompt & courteous but they always have something fun to offer. Our friendly server stopped by a couple of times. The first time she had a trick mustard container – I thought she had splattered me with mustard! Another of her tricks was a candy box that when I opened it a fake mouse shot out at me!

When she spotted our camera she insisted on taking several photos of us – offering suggestions for our poses.


As we were leaving with our doggie bags (I’m happy we don’t have a dog) the waitress insisted on sending us off with coffee to go. This was after our bill was paid and she had already received her tip.

The generosity of the South still amazes me!

Thanks, Sandi for recommending this place. It’s a real fun dining experience, so if you’re in the area, you owe it to yourself to check it out. You won’t be disappointed.



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