Sunday, October 9, 2011

1 Down 2 to Go

Too much turkey? Not Yet!

About 13 of our family members gathered at my sister Brenda’s place for our first round of Thanksgiving dinners.

We were blessed with wonderful weather that allowed us to relax outside before dinner. My sister Brenda on the left, then my brother Ken & Mary Ann.


Then, for some it was time to get busy in the kitchen. It’s always Ken’s job to carve the bird and he does a great job.


Brenda putting the finishing touches on her very popular lemon cake. This was only one of the choices of desserts. There was also cherry cheesecake and Mary Ann’s homemade pumpkin pies. These desserts followed the turkey & dressing, mashed potatoes & gravy, cranberries, hot buttered buns, rice/broccoli/cheese casserole, corn, devilled eggs, taco salad and cole slaw. Everyone’s favourites!


While some of us were busy doing manicures – myself and our Great Niece Peytyn:


Then there were a couple of us that were entertained with online video games. Our nephew Aaron & Jesse.


Even our Great Nephew Nathan wanted in on that action.


The boys did take time out to eat. Here’s our niece Caitie (Ken’s daughter) and her boyfriend Jesse.


Caitie scoffed my Nikon D80 and took most of these photos. Thanks Caitie!

About those desserts. Some of us doubled up on their favourites:

DSC_0041 DSC_0044

Brother In Law Dan with 2 pieces of pumpkin pie and The Cowboy with his favourites cherry cheesecake plus 2 pieces of lemon cake! Nothing bashful about these guys!

I put together the following collage of Peytyn. Simply because it was too difficult to just pick one plus she is the most photogenic in our family.

Great job on the photos Caitie! You captured the many faces of Peytyn.


And one last photo of Peytyn with her Mom, Lindsey. Sweet!


I owe an apology to our nephew Justin (Peytyn’s Dad) who was there but must have went into hiding when the camera came out.  I promise you your own special blog!

Hopefully we will get to see the other family members, who were not able to make it today, sometime over the weekend. We missed you.

Today I am so Thankful for All of our Family and the special times we share. Tags: ,


  1. Looks like an absolutely great day full of lots of fun memories. And that Peytyn is definitely a doll.

  2. Love the collage of Peytyn's faces! Awesome pics. Sorry I missed this feast!