Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trillium Court Pork BBQ

Another of the activities held here at the park is the annual pork barbeque. Sadly, this marks the final event of the year.


Big Thanks to owners Marjorie & Earl for supplying the meat.

Wonderful aromas drifted through the park and the meat was moist and tender and tasted just as good as it smelled.

The rest of us pot lucked it! We love pot lucks! That’s when everyone brings their specialties.


Slow cookers filled with beans or meat balls, every type of salad, devilled eggs and tons of home made desserts spread over 5 large tables.



Our dinner companions for the evening were:


Rick Bolton & his wife Marion have had a seasonal trailer here for about 19 years. They are parked right next door to Al & Marian (behind Rick in the pic). I actually knew Rick previously from my career life. It’s a very small world.


These smiles were actually prompted by . . . believe it or not . . . this guy:


Jay Elliott who worked with the Cowboy back in the 70’s and has remained friends of ours since then.



Jay & Vicki have had a trailer here for about 12 years. Their site is directly across from the previous two couples.




Marion Bolton – helping organize all that wonderful food.



Great Job Everyone! Well Done!

And when we thought everyone had finished eating . . .


Nancy didn’t realize that anyone was watching as she tried to steal some of the crispy cracklin’s from the pork roast.


Busted !!!!


Oops! Sorry Nancy . . . I promise not to tell a soul!

After waddling back to our site Nancy & Sandy joined us for an ‘after dinner’ glass of wine. Our relaxing time was cut short when Nancy remember a little project. She had bought a new lamp for her lake home and it needed to be assembled.



This picnic table has seen many projects completed, gallons of coffee drank and a little bit of wine consumed too.









It’s difficult to see the details in this photos but there is a pine tree and a moose at the metal base of the lamp and the shade is trimmed with leather laces.

During the time of this major assembly our friends John & Patti Hill from Tillsonburg texted and asked if we were up to some company. Well, of course we were so the evening ended with great campfire that Patti tended to and a wonderful visit with them.

DSC_0012There is absolutely nothing that warms my heart more than this  . . . . . .  Our new friends meeting our old friends.

Patti also brought me this beautiful rose


How gorgeous is that?

Today I have so much in my life to be grateful for.

Thank You God.

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