Saturday, September 10, 2011


Following my little shopping spree several other commitments kept me on the go all that day.

An afternoon graveside ceremony for my SIL Carol’s mother was my priority for the day. Before the ceremony I made a trip to her home to drop off a salad and sandwiches for the gathering of family & friends invited back to her place after the small, private ceremony.

On my way to another errand I found myself driving by pretty Lake Lisgar and noticed several people at some sort of activity. Then I noticed some miniature sail boats on the lake. Muttering to myself: Man, if I wasn't in such a rush and so busy I’d have time to check that out – and yes it was all about Me!

Having checked off another item on my list and driving past the lake again to the other end of town – to get my nails done *embarrassed*  I decided I could take time out of my busy schedule, quickly stop by and shoot a couple of photos.
















The other attraction at the park were these guys:



Clicking away and feeling some of the anxiety melt away in the serenity of the park


I noticed that the ducks were all heading inland.They were definitely on a mission:


Apparently they recognized this lady as soon as she pulled in the parking lot with a big bag of corn in the back of her truck.



Her name is Lynette and this selfless lady tries to visit the park every day to feed the ducks.






She echoed my very own thoughts when she mentioned that she felt like the Pied Piper





We had a great conversation and I walked away from there, not only with tears in my eyes but with a whole different attitude than I started out with.



These photos are not all that I left with that day. Tags: ,

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