Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Create Memories–Go Camping!

There’s always something happening here at the park. This happened to be Labour Day weekend.



Hats off to the group of volunteers that organize a ‘kids day’ each long weekend.






They set up games, crafts and lots of fun stuff to keep the young'uns busy.






They all enjoy a little friendly competition and everyone takes home a prize.





Making friends and making memories to hopefully last a lifetime.



We moved Halloween up a bit this year (because we can!) so this year in June these were a few of the Trick-or-Treaters that stopped by our place.




One of the events that we were fortunate enough to be invited to on Labour Day weekend was this block party. I’ve posted a couple of collages but there is no way to accurately show the abundance of food and fun that we had.

2011 Dan's Block Party_thumb[3]

Dan lives about 3 sites north of us and has experienced some health issues during the last couple of years. Many of the neighbours, which is so very typical of this park, rallied around him and offered their love & support in any way they could.

To thank all of those who helped him he held a BBQ and supplied all of the meat and refreshments. His uncle, a butcher, made all of the large sausage – garlic, sweet & spicy and delicious mortadella.

2011 Dan's Block Party-1

Everyone brought all kinds of hot and cold dishes, lots of fresh salads and there were more varieties of scrumptious desserts there than what I’ve seen in some bakeries.

We all enjoyed a great afternoon of sunshine, food, drinks and fellowship.

Create Memories – Go Camping!

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