Saturday, September 10, 2011



Early morning dew hanging in the air as anxious shoppers stand in line at 7:45 AM waiting for the doors to open to the annual Extravaganza.

What was I doing there? I’m not sure either but I found myself in line just like everyone else until I found it would be another hour and fifteen minutes before the doors opened . . . then I turned around to see the people behind me and knew I wasn’t leaving my spot now!


Each year the Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital Volunteers Association collect donations and holds the ‘granddaddy’ of all yard sales.  This is their 36th annual sale and I knew there were treasures in there just waiting for me (and the hundreds of other people).

Once the doors opened the mob moved very quickly inside.


Good to know some of Ontario’s finest were on hand  . . . just never know when a shopping riot will break out!






The Special Event Centre offers up about 62,000 sq. ft. and it was packed. I was really impressed with the organization and layout.




Several bake tables offering all kinds of goodies.





Everything including Crafts & Household Items, Electronics, Books, Toys & Antiques.

Prices ranged from Free to $5.00 for most of the smaller items.


You could fill a huge bag of assorted used clothing for $5.00 or bid on larger items in the Silent Auction.

They held a sale on the Thursday evening prior to the Saturday sale of furniture and larger kitchen appliances.

Several came prepared with trailers and trucks to haul their findings home.




The friendly volunteers, and there must have been hundreds, were extremely helpful.




The Girl Guides even got in on the act offering banana boxes with ropes for shoppers to tote their treasures around – for a donation.

Other commitments in my life kept me on the go all day but I did manage to make a second trip back. They reduce their prices drastically as the day wears on.

These are a few of the treasures that I brought home.







A nestled set of 3 ceramic planters, a leafy terra-cotta planter, a squirrel-proof bird feeder & a water fountain. The ceramic hummingbird feeder was brand new & still in the box. Total for the above $10.50. I Love a bargain!

We had just recently found out that we now have a permanent site here at the park so next spring we can start decorating outside!

Today I’m grateful for all those people who donate their time and their cast-offs to such a worthy cause.

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