Sunday, August 21, 2011

Whine & Dine

Port Stanley's uniqueness lies with it’s natural attractions such as the meandering Kettle Creek & the multitude of leisure boats that dot it’s banks . . . . . click on the link above to read more.

Our plans for today included a wonderful pot luck dinner with family and friends at Kanagio Yacht Club.

This is just one of the many benefits when your daughter marries into a family that shares the same interests as you do like RVing, boating and ahhh yes, eating!


Father’s Day 2010 with Dave, Dave Sr., Shy & The Cowboy. All healthy choices here . . . KFC & Tim Horton Donuts Thumbs up.

Dave Sr. owns a 5th wheel and winters in Florida, spending a lot of time in this area among family & friends during the summer. So far this summer, as much as we have been able to keep up, he has travelled out west and visited with friends. Originally, from Truro, Nova Scotia, he will be travelling back there after Labour Day weekend for a lengthy visit with more family & friends.

He also moors his beautiful cabin cruiser here at this Yacht Club and we are fortunate enough that he invites us out to enjoy this wonderful community.


Dave, Shy & Karen – Dave’s brother Joel’s wife.


Joel – had to sneak in a pic of him. He’s usually sleeping or working and isn’t able to attend a lot of these functions. He works full time driving truck plus plays in a band (or 3).


Same 3 again with hey . . . wait a minute! That’s Dave Sr. The Captain . . . what the heck?


Oh well, okay then. The Cowboy has everything under control. Whew!


Here’s Karen again at yet another event – Lobsterfest!


Every year, during the lobster season Dave Sr. has a few hundred pounds of fresh lobster flown in from the East Coast. If we play our cards right – meaning if we whine enough Crying face  he finally weakens and invites us too.


Yesterday (apparently we’ve got this whining thing down pretty good) we got to enjoy another food fest.

Just a reminder: Click on the photo for a larger image.

























Cook it and they will come!


Dave has a special cooker, that looks much like a turkey deep fryer, that he roasted that beautiful large beef roast. Plus someone else provided some delicious rotisserie chicken. With all of the other generous pot luck dishes we had all kinds of salads, breads, beans, fresh and cooked seasonal veggies plus desserts . . . everyone was stuffed!

We really enjoy the feel of community and we’ve come to know some of the fun & crazy people that hang out here. We’ve always had a great time with them.

Not only does Dave Sr. put a lot of work into organizing these events, he also, very generously, covers a lot of the cost. A sincere heart-felt ‘Thank You Dave’!

What a bonus for us – starting out as family – ending up as friends!

While we were eating the sky darkened with some threatening clouds but fortunately it passed over. It did, however, make for some interesting shots on our way back home.


Sadly, we’ve since learned that Goderich was devastated by a tornado.  Goderich is located northwest of us on the eastern shore of Lake Huron and is well known for it’s beautiful sunsets. Queen Victoria dubbed it as ‘The Prettiest Town in Canada’.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the area residents as they recover from this terrible devastation.

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