Friday, August 19, 2011

Beautiful Sunshine, Beautiful Women

Glorious sunshine & clear blue skies joined us today for our trip to London.

We both needed to renew our passports this year and while I chose to have mine mailed The Cowboy opted to pick his up. With that done we made arrangements with Shy, our youngest daughter, to meet for lunch at
The Dawghouse. We were literally welcomed with open arms.

DSC_0129Cindy, our oldest daughter

Good timing for us – Hannah, Cindy’s youngest daughter, was there and working on her resume. She works part time as hostess at the Dawghouse but she’s looking for something different and with more hours. She’s a bit envious of her sister Abby who’s working at McDonalds and bringing in some $. They are both excelling in high school but they’re finished around 2:30 or so in the afternoon so she would like to find something to fill in the summer and after school hours.



We are always treated royally here (Get it? Princess – treated royally?  aw, well) and today was no different with Teresa as our server. Teresa & her family have been friends of Cindy & Bill’s family for a lot of years and also works for them. Her daughter Stephanie works at the Dawghouse too. It’s definitely a family affair.

We always enjoy the food here and there’s a huge selection.The daily soups are simply ‘to die for’.  Not sure if they still make it or not but they use to have this awesome potato & bacon creamed soup topped with fresh kettle chips. Simply the best! Today we tried their Cheesy Jalapeno and we were not disappointed! Yum!

Shy opted for her usual steak wrap with a Caesar side salad.






The Cowboy ordered one of their specialty burgers and I went with the day’s special - chicken, spinach, cheese & mushroom wrap with poppy seed dressing.



My side choice was a greek salad which I shared with The Cowboy and check out the size of that burger!

The servings were so generous I ended up with a doggy bag. Pun intended.Winking smile

Below is a collage of photos that I took just to give you a feel of the great atmosphere this establishment offers.

2011-08-19 Dawghouse & Shopping

Who Me . . . Biased?     Nope.     Not Me.      *cough*

Actually, after looking at this collage, it’s only of the upper section where we usually sit. I was just concentrating on the collection of dogs in this portion. There is another larger area where the horseshoe shaped bar is and generous booth seating as well as several bar height tables and chairs. There’s lots of light from the front of the building which is all tinted glass. Lots of patrons enjoy the outside patio too. There is so much more but that’s another post.

After our good-bye hugs we waddled out of there to do some shopping. The Cowboy headed on down to his favourite store – The Home Depot. He needed some oak shelving for a couple of projects he’s got lined up for the motorhome. Most of the time we save our projects for the winter while we are in Texas and everything is usually cheaper. However, oak is pretty scarce down in the valley.

Shy & I decided that Michael’s Craft & Home D├ęcor deserved our attention (and money).


From there we headed over to Value Village and Shy seems quite pleased with her treasures.


Our plans came together as we met up there with The Cowboy who apparently . . .


plans on doing some baking with his new cookie sheet & muffin tins.    Boy, I wish there was a ‘sarcastic’ font available on here Open-mouthed smile

After checking out we parted ways with Shy for the day and headed back to Tillsonburg. After texting my girlfriend Patti we made arrangements to meet up for Chinese buffet. We sure didn’t need another big meal but for the last couple of years whenever we get together with John & Patti it’s usually at Ming’s and it’s usually on Friday night.


Since we’ve been staying down at the lake it’s been a bit more difficult to get together with them. Well, tonight John wasn’t expected home until around 10 but Patti joined us on her own.

Ming’s is just a little restaurant but the food is always fresh and hot and we’ve always really enjoyed their wonton soup. They have a small salad bar, a nice variety of main dishes and a small dessert table too. It was just such a pleasure to relax and visit with Patti.


We’ve been friends for about 25 years and she’s one of those wonderful friends that it doesn’t matter how often we see or talk to each other – the conversation just picks right up where you left off.

She’s a real nature lover so I’m going to end this post with one of my favourite nature shots recently taken here at the park.


Hope your day was as great as mine!

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