Friday, August 26, 2011

Sawdust Everywhere

Since The Cowboy’s shopping trip to Home Depot last week he’s taken on a few projects around here.

The first thing he made was a larger work surface for his Work Mate:




He’s using the vice grips of the Workmate to hold it on or it can easily be removed.



One of the first items we purchased before hitting the road was Streets & Trips GPS. We use this software to plan our trips and as a live GPS on the road. It really provides a lot of information and is very user friendly. The Cowboy sets up his laptop on the dash for easy visibility.

The Bounder had a flatter dash than the Phaeton so for his second challenge of  the day he made up this little shelf to keep the laptop in a better position

The top:


with a stopper on the bottom to keep it from sliding:


Both sides are covered with ‘non-skid fabric’.


The pictures is for demonstration only -  the plant does not sit up there when we are travelling.

And the finished project:


The third item on the list was a shelf or table to hold The Cowboy’s refreshments as we travel. Being a true cowboy he drinks a lot of coffee. He doesn’t like to eat a lot while he’s driving but if we are on the road for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time I try to keep some healthy snacks available. He enjoys fruit like bananas & grapes, nuts and granola bars. Actually, he really enjoys chocolate and salty cashews but I try to keep that at a minimum.

This is the before:


For those of you non RVers, that’s not our TV, it’s a back up camera. This one actually has an audio feature. That means that when I’m behind the motorhome and guiding (with arm signals the we really haven’t worked out yet) The Cowboy as he’s backing into a site he can actually hear me – that is, if he chooses to turn it on. Secret telling smile For those of you nagivators out there who help the pilot with this I know you’ll see the humour in that.

Now with careful measuring he fit this piece:


like so:


then this piece fit:


like so:


and with a coat of stain, this is the finished view:


Now for some ‘behind the scenes’ shots:

This is what our (construction) site looked like:





He seems to be happiest when everything is covered in sawdust!








There’s 3 items scratched off of that never ending list.

Good Job Honey . . . and thanks for cleaning up too.

Today I’m grateful for Oak trees.

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