Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!

And tomorrow we will be merrily on our way back to our family and friends back in Ontario – feeling a whole lot lighter now that such a big weight has been lifted from our shoulders and our hearts.

Dr Phan confirmed today what the surgeon and the chemo oncologist told us on Monday. The cancer is completely gone.

He’s very pleased with The Cowboy’s progress and told us to keep on doing what we’re doing. The doctor was compassionate but not concerned about the soreness in The Cowboy’s throat. He said it is just is just taking a little longer to heal and could take up to a year before he regains his voice and that’s okay – we’ll settle for the whisper – and be thankful.

I’ve always suspected that The Cowboy is a horse whisperer – animals, especially dogs are always drawn to him – like moths to a flame, like magnetic poles are attracted to their opposites, like Icarus to the sun. Oops, sorry. I’ve been reading the 50 Shades trilogy and kinda got carried away.

Monday was a full day – leaving the motel room at 5:30 am and not finishing at MD until 5 pm. No appointments Tuesday and only one today at 2:15 so we’ve had some free time.

One of the main highlights of that time was meeting up with Rocky and Cindy. You can click on their names and read the post about our connecting up with this wonderful couple back in March.


The guys were both receiving treatment at the same time for the same type of cancer. We’ve kept in touch with them and when we found out that Rocky’s follow up appointments were the same time as The Cowboy’s we made plans to get together.

We got together and had a wonderful visit before heading over to the Golden Corral where Rocky treated us to dinner. Discovering that it was Cindy’s birthday made for an even better celebration. Thanks Rocky – our turn next time and Happy Birthday Cindy!

Below are a few shots of how we spent the rest of our free time over the last couple of days.






And Yes Ladies! I know how lucky I am to have a man that likes to shop.

BIG TEXAS THANK YOU ALL AGAIN for all of your kind words in the Comments, emails, texts and phone calls.

‘Bye Houston. It’s been a heck of a ride . . . See you in November.


  1. I am SO thrilled for you guys! What else is there to say except go enjoy your lives!

    Hope Rocky's follow up went as well.

    Oh, by the way, Sharon, how is that "50 Shades of Gray"?

  2. Thanks Nancy. I always look forward to your beautiful comments. We will have more news on Rocky after today's appts.

    50 Shades - I was curious to see what all the hype was about and the books were Ron's B'Day present to me. I will do a post when I have finished reading and whenn I have more time.

    Thanks for your wonderful comments and caring.


  3. So exciting to get such good news. And I got double - your good news and another friend in AZ who is cancer free from lung cancer. So I get to celebrate twice!! Have a safe journey home. God bless.

  4. Wonderful! Have a safe and happy drive North.

  5. Another chapter in my prayer journal closed. Have a safe wonderful trip home

  6. A great big CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH THE PATIENT AND THE CAREGIVER !!!!!!!!! God is good !!!! Life is special !!!!

  7. Seeing and hearing all of this journey has been a roller coaster ride for sure!!! While the thrill of the ride is what we remember, it's the part that scared the heck out you that we are thankfull to leave behind.
    Thanks again to all who supported this great couple and kodo's to them for opening up their story for our education.

    Karma is best when you actually see it unfold.

    Much Luv,
    Ken, Mary Ann & Caitie