Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pescado Zarandeado

Don’t worry – I can’t pronounce it either!

We are so fortunate to have friends down here with vehicles. We’ve got to see a lot more of this beautiful area than we ever planned. Our destination on this day with George & Mary was Chacala, a small quiet village nestled in a very private cove.

We found a clean quaint restaurant and moved our table out to the sun and sand to enjoy a few cold ones. Pacifico is a popular beer down here as well as Corona – both sell for 20 pesos each – that’s about 1.40 USD. Most of the prices that I quote will be in US Dollars simply because it is just too depressing to calculate the CD $ with the rates the way they are right now. Strangely enough the cost of a Coke is about the same – if not more.

Pescado Zarandeado is a unique and delicious traditional grilled fish dish served along Mexico’s Pacific Coast – a Puerto Vallarta specialty. The recipe uses a chile and garlic-based seasoning paste, and a final glazing of flavored mayonnaise before it goes on the grill. You can use any fairly thin fish filet for this very special dish – we chose the Red Snapper. The restaurant staff cook it for you but I forgot to take any photos of the grilling. Refer again to the prices of the Corona’s above.


After – We did a pretty good job!13-DSCN1515

And Yes – It was Delicious!

Other Gringo’s arrived by boat and brought their catch of the day with them to be grilled up by the restaurant. The charge for the fish and cooking is by the Kilo and I’m not sure how much that was.

Our total bill for the 4 of us was $630 pesos = $48.00 USD which included our refreshments, endless nachos & salsa plus the sides with the fish.

3 hours of entertainment = Priceless!



Another wonderful day. We are so blessed.

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  1. You sure are enjoying yourself, the meal looks awesome.