Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rhythms of The Night

A couple of weeks ago the Cowboy & I decided we wanted to do something special for our anniversary this year. As if just being in Puerto Vallarta isn’t enough!

You can click Puerto Vallarta Adventures to see why we were attracted to this “Unforgettable evening under the stars . . .”


The Cowboy doesn’t look too sure about our new found friend, Rosie.


Since we had arrived and checked in early (our ticket was number 1) we were the very first couple to board the large two decker tritoon.


Here come the others behind us. Not sure how many there were but would guess about 200 passengers.


And that’s how I roll!

Quoting straight from their brochure:

“Much of Mexico’s rich cultural heritage is reflected in the stories and folklore of civilizations past. Our Rhythms of the Night dance performance illustrates how ancient pre-Columbian religions and beliefs influenced the myths, legends, and cultures of Mexico.”

“Cruise across the bay, surrounded by spectacular views, until the flicker of torches guides us into the secluded cove of Las Caletas Beach Hideaway.”




The friendly and welcoming crew on the boat kept us entertained the whole trip and didn’t miss a beat – offering up trays of margaritas, beer and a wide assortment of drinks and appetizers.




“Haunting flutes and pulsating drums summon you along a torch-lit path to a pyramid set in the shadowy jungle. In a mystical amphitheater under a star-studded sky, witness Mexico’s mythological past come alive through the universal language of contemporary dance and music.”


“With a beautiful view of the cove from your seaside table, enjoy a sumptuous and romantic candlelight dinner, with delectable offering fit for the gods. An open-bar with a wide selection of beverages and an attentive staff help make your dining experience a meal to remember.”


There were several beautiful and bountiful buffet stations set up all along the beach each serving about 8 – 10 couples each so there was no waiting.




The water was literally lapping at our feet on the rocks just below our table.



We both chose tiramisu with chocolate covered strawberries and flan for dessert. Yum!


“Enjoy a return journey under the moon and stars with the beautiful lights of Vallarta as our beacon.”


On the return trip we were treated to our own private performance by the crew’s version of KISS! It was excellent!


We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the live performance in the amphitheater but it was INCREDIBLE! The lively music and acrobatics/dancing kept us totally captivated. Cirque de Soleil has nothing over this troupe. Amazing choreography and the outstanding costumes helped to pull this whole show together with a real ‘WOW” factor!

Needless to say, the whole evening was such a wonderful experience, one we’ll never forget. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this cruise to anyone. The cost was $119.00 each – but because we booked 2 other tours we did get a discount – or at least we think we did – and that’s what counts. Regardless, It was worth every penny!


  1. Such a fantastic way to celebrate. I would love this kind of fun. Happy Anniversary.

    1. Thanks Sandie - for your best wishes and as always for your comment. We have an extra bedroom here so come on down and join us! Just tell Jim that Ron is checking out the fishing down here.

  2. Sounds like you ar having the time of your life, Thanks for the update.