Thursday, December 26, 2013

We’re Hallmarked out

On Christmas Eve we attended a wonderful candlelight service here in our park.

Of course the jolly fat man showed up for a visit.


The sound of jingle bells announced his arrival with an extremely long ‘Naughty’ list.

DSCN0093A social time followed and was enjoyed by everyone. Of course there was more food . . . several decorated tables set up with wonderful snacks and desserts.



We came away relaxed and it created the same feeling that comes with saying grace before a meal . . .

leaving us with a calm and peaceful feeling and allowing us to enjoy the upcoming day.



Then it was home for us to patiently wait for Santa to visit    our house.

We spent a nice quiet morning enjoying our coffees and opening our gifts. Some phone calls back and forth from our families made for an awesome Christmas morning.

One of The Cowboy’s gifts to me was a very pretty snowflake necklace (told you I liked the little presents). Now, I’m sure you’ve all heard enough of the jewelry stores ads like ‘He went to Jarrod’s’’ and many of the other overplayed advertising slogans.

Well, The Cowboy’s comment:

‘’Every kiss begins with Kays” . . . . K-Mart that is!

We had plans to meet up with some friends for an early dinner out. Everyone got to have their favourites and then we came back to our place for more visiting and digesting.

Below is a photo of some very stuffed turkeys friends.


Bless them, but they don’t pay much attention to me anymore and they just kind of roll their eyes when I have my camera and ask them to at least look at the camera. 

Speaking of cameras . . . this is one of my (pre) Christmas gifts.


and I love it. I’m a Nikon fan and this one is so nice and compact.  It has 22X optical zoom and 18 megapixels. The 16 gb SD card that came with it will hold about 3,500 photos. Crazy!

I also have a medium size Panasonic Lumix that has taken a ton of  pictures over the past 6 years so it’s getting a little tired.

My Nikon

This is my Nikon D80 DSLR which I still really love but it’s so big and cumbersome to carry around. Plus I’ve just never taken the time to learn how to use half of the features on it.


The Cowboy gifted me with this a couple of years ago. It came with a wide angle and a zoom lens but I never seem to have the right one on when I need it. I’ve since added filters and a few other goodies but again, the camera usually stays in the ‘auto’ mode.

So today was a lazy day – sprinkling rain on and off and a bit cooler. Perfect weather for laying around watching more movies and specials.. Of course, it just wouldn’t be Christmas with Chevy Chase and Christmas Vacation – which is what we just finished watching while enjoying our dinner – BBQ’d ribs, seasoned potatoes with onions done on the grill and some baked beans.

Ahhh, what a life.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get out of my PJ’s.


  1. Naw just leave the PJ's on you need to relax for a bit, then get out and take more pictures.

  2. Sure sounds like the Cowboy did a great job with the snowflake. We have one of those big cameras and I refuse to lug it around. So my little point and shoot works for me. You mean we're supposed to get out of our PJ's? Nah.

  3. Thanks for sharing via this blog. Christmas was great this side of the border as well and surprisingly it was family and friends who made it
    I do admit again that your presence is missed but then again the food goes further. I'm cutting the turkey this year and still looking around for you to steal morsels or sampling as you would say. Your phone call made our day and I thank you deeply for it.
    Good health, good food, and pleasant journeys to you both.
    Love from Ken, Mary Ann and Caitie.