Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Told ya we’d get there

It’s been almost two weeks since we arrived down here in the Rio Grande Valley but our posts are still about 400 miles north. We’ll get there . . .

A few final shots of our stay near Lake Conroe and the surrounding area.


Enjoying the day  . . . Flea Marketing



And Yard Saling

Arriving RGV 2013

You just never know who will notice our Ontario plates and start up a conversation at a stop sign in the little village of Willis, Texas. A friendly guy that moved from Ontario, Canada to small town USA and loving it.


Enjoying a beautiful sunset.


We left The Castaways Park, north of Houston, about 9:00 AM on December 4th. We stopped to fuel up both vehicles ($2.59 for diesel) and headed south with plans to split the final leg of our journey into 2 days.


And what would our post be without a picture of food – our lunch as we travelled.


It was at this busy rest area that we pulled in and decided that if we drove for about another hour we would be in Alamo. A quick phone call to Casa del Valle and we were assured they would be waiting for us.


Roads lined with those beautiful Christmas trees.


This is always an exciting view for us as we enter the Valley from the city of Harlingen. This is our 7th winter down here so it does feel like we are coming home when we get here.

We left Ontario on November 16th and arrived here Dec 4th. The Cowboy & I have discussed this a couple of times now and we both agree that this has been one of our best trips south. We’re not sure why.

We are never in a rush but since it was later in the season we had planned to travel south to warmer weather as quickly as we could and then take it easy the rest of the way. We also needed to plan the trip around the appointments at MD Anderson.

Due to circumstances, the first day we made 525 miles which is a lot further than what we normal do in a day but we were so happy to be that far south. That was the only night that we spent boondocked (no hook-ups) at a Walmart. The next night we were at Millwood Landing for about a week. We left there for a day’s travel to The Castaways where we stayed for about a week and a half.

We had heavy rains for the better part of one day but other than that it was easy sailing with big blue skies and lots of sunshine. There were no major traffic tie-ups or any detours to speak of. No mechanical or technical problems either. We both seemed to be more relaxed and organized – but I guess after doing this for 9 years now we should know what we’re doing.

At least The Cowboy does and I’m always thankful that he loves to travel, enjoys driving and always get us safely to where we need to be.

This is where we will be calling ‘home’ for the next three months.


We are always grateful to God for this amazing life and awesome lifestyle that we are so blessed with.


  1. Sure is nice to take you time travelling and enjoying the campgrounds along the way. We left Ontario a month before you guys and still no there yet.Mind you we are not sure where there is. Gotta go further west yet.

  2. I love the journey south (or north) but the arrival feels so good. Like you said, it's like coming home. Now you can relax and just have fun.

  3. Sharon and Ron. I so enjoy reading your posts and viewing your beautiful pics. What a beautiful life you share. May you continue to enjoy good health and happiness. Safe travels. Sending love and blessings from Sarnia, Ontario. XO